Jun 3, 2008


{Photo from ModernMom.com}

This is the week from HELL! *whew!*

I don't know WHO scheduled all the stuff on my plate this week but when I see that person, THEY ARE SOOOOO FIRED!

Okay...I got that out of my system. Now on to what's been up lately...

1. I'm preparing for a BIG baby shower coming this Sunday. High profile mother to be...75-100 guests...LOTS of activities for the guests to participate in including an auction for charity.

2. Bridal Show on Sunday. Yes...I decided to exhibit at the last minute because of a smokin opportunity to pre-launch some new products and services. Come by our booth to take a look! :)

3. Working on re-branding and upgrading our website and this blog. *Waving back at Maddie over at Better In Pink...Hey Maddie!!*

4. And last but certainly not least, the hubby and I are putting the finishing touches to our backyard landscape redesign. (It's HOT here in Phoenix so it's motivated us to finally get the lead out and get it done!)

So you see? Blogging is just a bit difficult to get to right now. After the weekend is over, I'll be back to my daily posts.

Toodles! (My auntie used to say that ALL the time!)

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Mrs. Designher said...

It was so great to meet you at the bridal show yesterday :) I'm glad I stopped by your booth. You were so warm and friendly!! :)