May 29, 2008

Economics Or Smart Planning?

There is an article posted on the Time Magazine website entitled, Downsizing Your Wedding that talks about ways in which couples planning their upcoming wedding celebration, have cut costs because of the so called "recession" we're in. (I'm not convinced that we're in a recession yet...but I'll leave my political views out of this post.)

"According to the Wedding Report, a research firm that compiles stats on the wedding industry, the average cost of an American wedding rose to $28,732 in 2007, as the festivities have grown increasingly elaborate and personalized. But for the first time in almost a decade, that number is forecast to drop slightly this year, to $28,704." occurred to me while reading the article that wedding planners have been using these exact same spending cuts to save couples money on their weddings even before the economic downturn began. We're trained to take our clients vision and turn it into a dream matter the cost.

Plus, many brides have latched onto the "Do-It-Yourself" craze which allows more creativity and personalization as well as cost savings. I think this is a better indicator of the reasons for the drop in the average cost of a wedding.

What do YOU think? We would LOVE to know!


klb said...

Very true, many more couples are making arrangements themselves to create a more personal wedding. Why not visit my blog

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

hmmm. i think that yes, people are embarking on more diy projects than ever before. however i'm not sure that it's simply to save money - i believe it's more to try to be different and put their own personal spin on their weddings. that being said, even though they may spend the same on their DIY projects as on a vendor, it probably isn't showing up in the numbers - because craft supplies they already own are factoring into the equation.

i'm not going to go so far as to say weddings are recession-proof, because clearly they are not. but i don't see people drastically changing their budget over the course of the event as we enter into a possible economic downturn.