Jan 11, 2011

Breathtaking Beauty!

This artwork is amazing! Can anyone tell me who the designer and the photographer are?

Jan 10, 2011

Blog Remix: Honorable Mentions

(Originally posted April 20, 2009)

Have you just been asked to be your sister's/cousin's/friend's maid of honor? If the answer is yes, there are a few things I'd like to say to you...

Be supportive

Your bride is experiencing a wide range of emotions right now. It's your job to keep her grounded...be her voice of reason from time to time. You may find yourself as the deciding vote on many issues throughout the planning. If that isn't something you know how to do, then learn...if it's something you don't feel comfortable doing, then get over it and learn how to swallow your pride. She's asked you to take this ride with her and is counting on you to help her navigate all the madness coming her way.

Be On Time

If you are generally late for all your appointments, get an alarm clock! Get your measurements to the bridal shop before the due date and encourage the bridesmaids to do the same. Beat her to every appointment...show up at her house before she's finished getting ready. Your reassuring face should be there for her each and every time.

Take her out for a Girls Nite Out

The pressure will be difficult to handle every now and then while your bride is planning her wedding...anyone who tells you that they will eliminate ALL the stress is blowing smoke. Be sure to take her out to a favorite hot spot or to her favorite nail place to recharge and rejuvenate her. She will love you for it!

Happy Planning!

Jan 7, 2011

Blog Remix: When Things Go Wrong On Your Wedding Day

(Originally posted May 1, 2008)

(Photo from WeddingAce.com)

Let's face facts...There are things that are bound to go wrong on your wedding day. No one is perfect and wires get crossed because of how people interpret OR don't interpret things. We are all unique creatures and we don't always see things the same way that others do.


You CAN avoid blips in your wedding day festivities if you follow a few simple steps. Of course hiring a wedding planner like me, ensures that you won't be dealing with those mishaps. I'm not suggesting that things will go wrong if you don't hire a wedding planner; I'm simply saying that having one allows you to enjoy your celebration without dealing with the photographer that didn't show up or the wedding cake that's falling over like the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

That said, here is some advice, courtesy of the folks over at WeddingChannel.com, on how to "Avoid" and "Cope" with disasters that may happen on your wedding day.

How To Deal With Wedding Disasters

Don’t worry – those nightmares you’re having about your wedding going wrong are perfectly normal. While it’s impossible to predict everything that might go awry on your wedding day, you can take steps to prevent some of the most-common major upsets ahead of time. So, check out our tips on avoiding wedding disasters, and dealing with them head-on if they can’t be avoided... and start sleeping better at night.

DISASTER: Somebody spills something on your wedding gown before the ceremony.
AVOID IT: Ban anything colorful like juice, wine, or dark lipstick from any room you’ll be in while wearing the dress.
COPE WITH IT: White out the stain as much as you can with chalk, and remind yourself all eyes will be on you, not your gown.

DISASTER: It’s raining and your ceremony will take place outdoors.
AVOID IT: Have a back-up plan already in place.
COPE WITH IT: If the venue doesn’t have an indoor space available, get your wedding party to start calling tent companies in case a vendor can accommodate you at the last minute. If this doesn’t work, send your groomsmen out to buy dozens of umbrellas (preferably in white).

DISASTER: Your ring bearer or flower girl refuses to march down the aisle.
AVOID IT: Do several walk-throughs at the rehearsal until they’re comfortable with the routine.
COPE WITH IT: Have the child’s mother stand discreetly at the end of the aisle – preferably with candy -- and tell him or her all he has to do is walk straight to her.

DISASTER: The best man forgot the rings.
AVOID IT: Bring the rings yourself and hand them over to him before the ceremony starts.
COPE WITH IT: Do the ring exchange with your parents’ rings; you can have your permanent rings blessed by the officiant later if that’s important to you.

DISASTER: Your guests exceed the final guest count by about 10 people, so you’re short on food and space at the reception.
AVOID IT: Contact people via telephone who haven’t RSVP’d two weeks before the wedding (feel free to pawn this task off on members of the wedding party, your mom, etc.), and then pad your final guest count by five people.
COPE WITH IT: Tell your catering manager and/or venue manager about the problem and ask them to arrange seating either by squeezing extra chairs around existing tables, or slipping extra guests into a cocktail area where they can munch on appetizers (and vow to each other that they’ll never again neglect to RSVP).

DISASTER: Your band or DJ doesn’t show up.
AVOID IT: Confirm all dates and times the week before the wedding with every vendor you’ve hired, and have a list of contact numbers with you.
COPE WITH IT: Hook an iPod or MP3 player up to the stereo system, and let the dancing begin.

DISASTER: The wedding cake melts, falls to the floor, or never shows up.
AVOID IT: Confirm in advance there is a cool place to store a butter cream cake to avoid a meltdown, and go over transportation, set-up, and back-up plans with the cake designer.
COPE WITH IT: Call local bakeries to see if one will let you ‘borrow’ a wedding cake for photos, and then slice up a sheet cake behind closed doors to serve to guests. If you can’t swing that, send someone out for cupcakes, and act like that was the plan all along (cupcakes are nowadays very fashionable at weddings).

Whatever happens, keep in mind that even if the details may not go as planned, if you carry it off well, the guests often don’t know the difference. And above all else, remember what’s really important – if you are married at the end of the day, the wedding was a success!

Happy Planning!

Jan 6, 2011

Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Colors

  • Use your favorite color paired with your honey's favorite color. If they seem to clash, choose complimenting hues.  Believe me...it CAN work!
  • Visit a fabric store.
  • The major hardware stores have LOTS of paint chips.
  • Choose a few favorite elements and pull your colors from them.  A favorite glass, piece of jewelry or even a bicycle. (I've seen it done!)
  • Choose a favorite picture; preferably non wedding related...and pull the colors from there

Consider your venue's color scheme before you make the final decision on colors.  Navy blue and gold carpet paired with pink and purple table linens might clash.  A good designer can jazz the decor up so that no one notices, however more than likely, it will be hard on the eyes.

How will you choose your colors?

Happy Planning!

Jan 5, 2011

Purple Pumps On Your Wedding Day?

I would!  I'd love to get married all over again just so I could wear them and take pictures while letting them peek out from under my dress. (Love that shot!)

What do you think about this trend?  It's been around for awhile but I'm just starting to embrace it.  I couldn't let go of the perfect white pumps for the wedding day.  Now?  I think the all white shoe is slowly making its way out.

There are still plenty of chic styles in white to choose from...but a burst of color?


How about you?

Happy Planning!

Jan 4, 2011

Have you met Kitty Chen yet?

"She combines her Eastern origins with Western demands, incorporating progressive designs with top quality materials, drop waistlines, together, with the sculpted bodices, glamorous necklines,drop waistines, floating skirt with the fantastic look every woman dreams of on her wedding day."

"Kitty also has a passion for creating dress designs for formal and fashion situations. Her dresses have her unique "chic couture" by using innovative intelligence and free flowing style that enable her to create dresses with the "fashion edge".

Visit her website for all the latest designs.  But first, check out the one below...

Ok, this dress is amazing!  The detail, the color...it reminds me of summer in Spain!

Trendy?  Definitely!  Dresses with color were all the rage at Fashion week.

I've been following Kitty's designs for the last year or so and she never disappoints me.  My favorite from last years collection was Bella.  Romantic and feminine.

Valley brides; if you're interested in trying on some of her designs, call Suzanne at Suzannes' Bridal Boutique in Gilbert.  The lovely Kitty Chen collection will be exclusively showcased.  Plus, Suzanne and her team are wonderful to work with!

Friday - Sunday, January 14 - 16
Fri..Sat. 10am to 5pm
Sun. 1pm to 4pm

*Purchase a Kitty Chen gown in full during the show to receive a 10% discount.  Restrictions apply.  Call store for details. 480.926.9106*

Happy Planning!

Jan 3, 2011

Enjoy Your Engagement...Period!

You said yes and have been on the phone all day with family and friends telling them all about the awesome proposal and how "GORG" your ring is. And you may be wondering what to do next...

I'll tell you one thing...it's not time for you to go out and buy every wedding magazine you see. Nor is it time to make a decision about who your MOH will be, or which girlfriends to invite into your inner circle as bridesmaids.

Nope, Uh-uh!

Girlfriend? Just BE!

Wrap yourself around the newness of being a bride. Enjoy your man! It's a special time in your life and you need to reflect on the new life ahead of you.

The wedding is just a party to celebrate the decision you just made. And while it's going to be FABULOUS, I'm sure; you really want to take the time to enjoy your engagement.

Let your friends and family fawn over you...
Pamper your fiance...
Let him pamper you...
Talk about what a full life means to each of you and how you can accomplish your goals together...

Then...when you pick a date...

Call me!

Happy New Year!

Happy Planning!