Mar 25, 2008

Get With The Program!

{Photo courtesy of Ceci NY via Wedding Bee}

Providing your guests with a program at your ceremony is a great way to personalize your wedding. It also provides a great opportunity to share you and your fiances cultures, family traditions or any other special things about you as a couple.

Perhaps you are having your ceremony at the church where you were christened or baptised as a child? Or maybe it's the same church where your parents took their vows.

If you are getting married in a location that has rich history attached to it, tell your guests about it in your program.

If you and your fiance are combining religious rituals into your ceremony, providing the meaning behind each of them in your program will allow your guests to share in the spiritual aspects of your ceremony.

Check out these wonderful suggestions on Wedding Bee for programs that cover EVERY budget range!

Your program doesn't have to be elaborate but make it special! By coordinating it with the other colors and elements of your wedding, it will not only stand out but it will let your guests know how much you appreciate their participation in your special day!

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