Mar 25, 2008

People I Admire: Liene at Blue Orchid Designs

{Photo of Liene taken by Karey Michelle Photography}

Liene (pronounced Lynn), is SUCH a smart girl! She is leaps and bounds above many of us wedding planners in the "business savvy" department...and she doesn't mind sharing the wealth!

Today she posted a very informative article on her VERY popular Blue Orchid Designs Blog about Kickbacks, Commissions and Dirty Wedding Secrets.

For the record? Sacred Moment Weddings does NOT accept kickbacks, commissions or any other payments from vendors that we recommend to our clients. We don't ask for them nor do we accept them when offered. We would much rather that our clients benefit from the best those vendors have to offer at the BEST price.

Please take a moment and educate yourself about this subject. I couldn't have said it any better!

Thanks Liene!!

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matt sloan said...

yup! liene is awesome! cool article. thanks for sharing! :)