Mar 23, 2008

What's Important To You?

We are conducting a little survey for a new service we are formulating and need your opinion. We want to know what elements are important to YOU, the bride and groom! We know that everyone is different so the more diverse the comments the better this survey will be.

If you could have, at no cost…YES FREE!!!...any one thing for your wedding celebration, what would it be?

Would you choose unlimited flowers?

{Photo courtesy of Preston Bailey}

…A variety of music for all phases of your wedding celebration?

{Photo courtesy of Ravello}

…A couture wedding dress or a custom made tuxedo?

{Photo courtesy of Barbie and Monique Lhuillier}

…A 10 day, exotic honeymoon?

{Stock Photo}

Leave us a comment below…we want to hear from the guys AND the gals!


Mrs. Designher said...

Hi Miss Sacred Moments :)

I want all of them :) But from being a bride, I would take the honeymoon first and unlimited flowers second! :)

Justine Miller Photography said...

I would want the BEST photographer for my wedding :) PICTURES PICTURES PICTURES! Flowers may die, band.. ah they can be too noisy.. but photos..well they are forever!