Jan 22, 2008

Bride's Planning Behavior

Here are some percentages for you to consider:

48% of brides wish they can take a leave of absence from work to be able to plan their wedding on a full time basis

Answer? Hire a Wedding Planner!

During an average 13 month engagement, eight hours a week is spent planning

Answer? Hire a Wedding Planner for one hour during just half of those weeks, and eliminate LOTS of stress!

53% of brides find that planning interferes with their work or studies

Answer? You guessed it! Hire a Planner

Top worries for brides?

65% - Going over budget
50% - Forgetting a crucial detail
39% - Not having a fun reception
25% - People not showing up

A GOOD wedding planner can eliminate ALL of these worries. And they usually tell you how they will do it for free!

Call one today! You'll see! :)

{Information gathered from Sell the Bride Website}

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