Dec 4, 2007

Ask the Expert: What to buy for the Girls?

Last week I showed you some awesome gifts for the guys in the wedding party. This week I thought I would show you what I've found for the girls.

Today I received a Christmas gift from a freind of mine who knows I am trying to curb my Starbucks habit. I LOVE Coffee but I am also a tea drinker. I'm not crazy about the tea at Starbucks...I like to make my own but I'm always moaning that I don't have time. (wedding planners are always on the go!)

So she sent me a Teavana Giftset with everything I need to make my own right here at the office!! It has everything I need to make a perfect cup of tea in my favorite flavors. I love it and maybe your bridesmaids will too!

More gifts later...I'm going to make myself some tea and see what other cool stuff I can find...


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