Dec 5, 2007

A Place For You and Your Bridesmaids to Twirl...

Remember as a little girl, dressing up in mommy's gowns or dresses and spinning around to make the skirt of the dress "twirl"? Well, you can have that feeling again...really!!

I've discovered (a little late it seems) a WONDERFUL place for you and your crew to get some really special VIP treatment!'s not the latest couture bridal shop or the hot new spa in town. It's called TWIRL and it's a swank boutique that caters specifically to the bridesmaids in your wedding party. The shop is darling and there are no boring bridesmaid dresses here! I met the owners, Keri and Jenni, and instantly fell in love. The girls and their staff will treat you like royalty even before you walk in the door. (Make an appointment to go see them and you'll understand what I mean!)

Their price point starts at $160 and the dresses are from some of the most popular designers out today. They also have gifts and accessories for every member of your bridal party. So hurry!! Make your appointment (highly recommended) and go visit them...and don't forget to "twirl"!


Lucky Designs said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! I look forward to reading your future posts. I love the Twirl gallery. (P.S. My husband and I saw a great Suns game!!)

brightgirls said...

What a great picture of the store! I love Twirl and they are so sweet and witty too. Happy Holidays!

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