Dec 1, 2007

My Husband the Party Planner

My husband did the most WONDERFUL thing today!! Just today we were talking about how we don't see our friends on a regular basis and how hard it is to get everyone together at one time. I told him that instead of always planning a party at our home...which we do several times a year...I prefer a more intimate setting of meeting one or two couples at a nice restaurant. That way there's no mad dash to get ready just before the guests arrive and then there's no clean up afterwards.

Last night he tells me that a friend of his from work wanted to meet to talk about possibly coordinating his and his fiance's wedding. So...we were going to meet them for an early dinner. I paused because he has never really tried to setup an "initial consult" for me....he rarely even talks much about my wedding planning!

Anyway, we get to the restaurant and in the parking lot on their way to the same restaurant are the Smiths! (Steve Smith was the host at our wedding and did an AWESOME job!)

And what a surprise! About 5 minutes later here come the Clinton's! (Bondy Clinton photographed each and every guest at our wedding so that we could put together a REAL guestbook of pictures instead of one of those awful signature books!)

Two of our favorite couples in the whole wide world! The guys, with my husband as the ring leader, planned a wonderful night out for us girls and it was a wonderful surprise!

I guess my party planning savvy is starting to rub off my hubby!! :)

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