Apr 9, 2009

Today is Fight for Alzheimer's Day!!

Hey Family!

A very good friend of mine is dancing in a "Dancing With the Stars" type benefit in Maryland next week for the Alzheimer's Association. You may have seen her on the show "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?". Her name is Linnyette Richardson-Hall...also known as the Wedding Diva!

She REALLY needs help reaching her contribution goal and I want to help her...so I'm asking ALL of you to spread this message like wildfire!! Send it on to your friends and other family members. Let's put her over the top!!

Here's the link:

Make a donation to defeat Alzheimer's Disease

$5, $10, $20, $50...or more...please make a donation and get your friends to make a donation. I made my donation in honor of a relative that is very near and dear to me but this disease has also affected my husbands family deeply.

Here is a link to a special report that will education you on this disease. Save it and email it to your professional network and share it with your friends and family.

2009 Report on Alzheimer's Disease

Thank you and I love you all!

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