Jan 23, 2009

Wedding Planning Advice from Sacred Moment Weddings

Wedding planning season is in high gear. The holidays are over...he's asked you to marry him and you've said yes...we've got a new President in charge of the nation (Woot!) and hopefully the planning "drama" hasn't started yet.

But just in case it has started...

We've shared some great advice and ideas in the last year and we wanted to dig through our archives and pull some of our more popular posts to help you out. We've got lots more in store for you in the coming weeks so be sure to come back and see us each week for more.

"Define and Design Your Wedding Style" Series
These posts are designed to take you through the wedding planning process, element by element. We've given you advice on the five things to do first, creating your budget, picking your wedding date and venue and this week we talked to you about your personal "wedding style". Not every bride is the same and this post will help you find a style that fits your personality and taste.

Be sure to read our blog every Monday for the next step in the planning process. Up next? Bridal Fashions!

"Inspired to Love" Quotes
"Inspired to Love" was originally posted every Monday. We changed it so that they post every Friday morning. Why? Well, we thought about it and decided to hit you with an inspiring love quote to motivate you for the weekend, which is when most of you tend to spend lots of quality time with your fiance. :)

Etiquette and Advice
This is some of the most important information you'll need while planning your wedding. What to do if you've hired the wrong wedding planner, preparing for the things that may go wrong on your wedding day and how to deal with those frantic moments throughout the wedding planning process. (Yes, stress free is a myth!) All these topics and more can be found here. In the coming weeks we'll also talk about invitation wording, seating arrangements and how to pick your wedding party.

Not sure which direction to go with your colors or wedding theme? These posts will definitely help to "inspire" you to create a wedding all your own.

"Savvy Tip of the Week" Series
Each week we share a tip or fab find we've come across while surfing the net or reading our favorite magazines. Wedding toasts, saving on flower and bar costs and being the perfect wedding guest are some of the areas we've shared about. Be sure to come back for more savvy tips and tricks!

Happy Planning!

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