Jan 26, 2009

Designing Your Wedding Style: The Dress

Vera Wang - I LOVE this dress!
Today I'd like to talk about your wedding gown! It is the single most emotionally charged purchase you will make. Why? Because it turns you into a princess...scratch that...a queen for your wedding day. When you put that dress on, everything changes.

Not only do you feel like a million bucks; like royalty; like the hottest diva there is...you also become the apple of every one's eye...a vision to behold...daddy's beautiful girl.

When the officiant asks your guests to stand to welcome you...the bride...into the ceremony room, all eyes will wander to you. ALL eyes! When that happens, don't you want to look your best? Don't you want your groom's eyes to water?

Yes...I know you do, But uh, no pressure, OK? Keep reading...

I've said all of the above because not only is it true...its the reason you should take your time and pick the dress that best suits you. Our wedding planners, when feasible, schedule a full day when shopping with our clients. We make a day of it, often starting with a late breakfast and ending with dinner that night. We like to make sure our brides enjoy the experience.

When trying to choose "the dress", don't set your sights on one or two dresses you've fallen in love with in bridal magazines or online. By all means, try them on...but make sure you try on lots of dresses and take care to learn about the different types of wedding gowns...the basic silhouettes...and which ones compliment your body type.

Also pay close attention to necklines, sleeves, waistlines and trains. Think about where your festivities will take place and how your dress might impact your movement in your chosen venue.

If you are planning on dancing til the wee hours, you may not want to choose a dress that has lots of bead work or one that is made of a heavier material. My dress had lots of bead work...it was quite heavy. Needless to say, I was dying to get out of it after lots of dancing and being on my feet. By 10pm, I was done, but the party continued until 1am.

Here are some shopping tips to take into consideration. Courtesy of Mindy Weiss and The Wedding Book:

~Bring pictures of dresses you like and ones you don't like. If you like the neckline of one gown and the draped back of another, point out exactly what you so and don't like to the sales associate.

~Be sure to wear underwear you won't be embarrassed to be seen in. Trying on wedding dresses is not a solo operation, so this isn't the day to wear a peekaboo thong.

~If you're shopping a sample sale or the Filene's Basement bridal gown sale, wear a body stocking, unitard, or swimsuit under your clothing so you can change in the aisle if necessary.

~Bring a camera. Not every salon will allow you to take photos, but if possible, get a photo of yourself in the dress you're buying, not only for showing your mother (if she's not with you) but also for your florist, cake maker, and other vendors trying to assess the style of your wedding. Remember, the dress sets the tone for the wedding. A photo will also help you when shopping for accessories, though a fabric swatch is important too.

Happy Planning!

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