Aug 12, 2008

"Merci Beaucoup"

Favors aren't a necessity like they were perceived to be years ago. Most of the time they ended up in a drawer or on top of the refrigerator collecting dust. Especially if it wasn't practical.

Lately, couples have either opted not to give their guests a favor...or if they do, they're choosing ones that are practical and/or meaningful.

Donations to charity, Cd's with the couples favorite music and plantable seed-cards are just a few of the more useful guest favors my couples have given their guests.

If you're having trouble deciding what gift you want to give your guests, consider the season. A wonderful company called Beau-Coup recently sent me a few of their more popular favors that would compliment upcoming fall weddings.

Here are a few that would be PERFECT for a fall wedding. Take a look:

Whatever you decide...favors or no favors...make sure you choose something your guests are sure to use again...and with Beau-Coup, you'll be able to do it with style!

Happy Planning!

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Brian said...

Another great idea I've seen is decorative cookies or shaped, scented soaps. These also help keep budgets in check.