Aug 19, 2008

The Bride's Club

For those of you who receive our bi-weekly may know about a new concept we're developing called "The Bride's Club". For those of you who don' can sign up for our newsletter here and keep reading...

What's The Bride's Club? It's an exclusive club "For Bride's Only" where wedding planners share wedding planning "know-how", inside industry news and smart and savvy ways to plan a wedding. Some might call it a "wedding planner timeshare"!

The Bride's Club will be formerly rolled out during a 4 hour workshop this fall/winter (Date TBD) in Phoenix, Arizona. During the workshop we'll share lots of our wedding planning expertise...expertise that will prepare you to start your wedding planning journey the RIGHT way!

Brides will also have the opportunity to speak with several of the valley's premier wedding planners and walk away with valuable information needed to plan her wedding just like the pros do. Can't afford a wedding planner? Then this club is for you!

During the months of August and September, membership is complimentary. To introduce new members to the club and to this workshop, we're conducting three FREE preview conference calls starting in September. Members will be given a call in phone number so that they can participate from the comfort of their home or office.

The first call is scheduled for Tuesday, September 16th at 6pm Pacific time. Bride's in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area as well as several from other states have signed up to be a part of these calls. So you don't want to miss them!

The calls will cover the following three topics:

Call #1 - Get Started, Organized and Find Your Dream Team (Consulting)
Call #2 - Details, Details, Details (Planning)
Call #3 - Completing Your Wedding Day Contact Sheet and Itinerary (Coordinating)

For more information or to sign up for these calls, visit us...

Or email us at thebridesclub {at} gmail {dot} com

Wedding Planners, if you are interested in being on our preferred vendor list for The Bride's Club, please contact us for more information at (602)692-6289.

Happy Planning!

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