Feb 29, 2008

Introducing Michelle Rago

As a planner, I'm am always looking for new ways to give my clients the best I have to offer. I learn who they are and what is important to them, and then I tailor my coordinating, consulting and planning around them. This way, they can exercise whatever creative cravings they have for their wedding without me getting in the way! Let's face it...some couples really want to "get their hands dirty" when it comes to their wedding. Others? They just want me to show them 2-3 ideas and then pick one.

With that said, I MUST introduce to some and present to others...an awesome lady by the name of Michelle Rago.

Michelle is an exceptionally talented event designer who has just launched her own blog. Michelle has been an inspiration to many for some time now and in 2004 she was "crowned as the "Wedding Design Dynamo" in 2004. A member of the 25 most important trendsetters in the nation.

I purchased her book, Signature Weddings - Creating A Day Uniquely Your Own - and I can't put it down. It has inspired me to approach my wedding planning and design in a whole new way.

In the book, she describes her process and how she creates the wonderful weddings she is so famous for. She starts with simple things...that seem to have no apparent relationship...and ends up with wedding experiences that please the eye as well as the soul!

If you're looking for inspiration from an expert, you must visit her site and her blog...you will NOT want to miss the magic!

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