Mar 3, 2008

Contest: Got Cake?

We received our Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes book a few weeks ago! I just got around to looking through it the other day. (Being sick leaves me with TOO much time on my hands!)

Thing is? My hubby bought one for me while he was out shopping one day. (Isn't he sweet? I think it was his way of buttering me up to get me to bake that red velvet cake he's been wanting...hmmmm)

Anyway...since I have two...I thought I'd give one away to one of my readers! (Brides, grooms, wedding planners, all are welcome!)

In honor of Spring, write me and tell me about your favorite Spring Wedding ideas. Tell me what springtime elements you would choose for your idea including colors, flowers, decor and entertainment.

Spring flowers? Pastel colors? Perhaps incorporating a religious holiday like Easter or Passover into a wedding. Or are your ideas bold and brazen like having a St. Patrick's Day theme? Leave us a post in the comments section below to enter.

Claudia, Katie and I will choose our favorite post from all the comments posted. We'll leave the contest open until midnight on Monday, March 3, 2008. We'll announce the winner on Tuesday, March 4th.

Good Luck!!


Anonymous said...

How sweet is that man!!!

Anonymous said...

Alright here is attempt number 3 to leave a message. lol

So my favorite spring idea would be to use garden flowers for your bouquets, centerpieces and decorations. Nothing is prettier than spring in bloom... Ya, I know we arent all like Martha... but its do-able.

I also love spring for the orchards. Blooming flowers on branches is a great centerpiece idea. Simple cut the branches put in a vase and voila... simple yet beautiful.

Spring is my favorite season and even though I am getting married on the official first day of summer I still am going for the official spring bloom - the peony. Cant wait... its gonna smell so good! :)

justine miller photography said...

well, I was married on st. Patties day :) so my fav spring theme would be my own wedding LOL.

I dont bake cakes.. nor do I have time to really.. but HOW CUTE is your hubby? Seriuosly! Lucky girl you are, and glad youa re feelin better!