Oct 25, 2007

I am a HUGE Phoenix Suns Fan!

I was talking to a few colleagues of mine recently (2 girls and 3 guys) and the conversation turned to the San Diego Chargers practicing at the Cardinals practice facility here in Arizona because of the fires in California. One of the ladies said that it must be pretty weird practicing in the enemy's territory. There was some back and forth about the pros and cons and then one of the guys spoke up and said, "You ladies don't know anything about the football, anyway..." Don't let anyone ever tell you that I'm too much of a girlie girl to understand or appreciate professional sports. It just isn’t true!

The NBA season is about to start and I am SUPER excited for the new Phoenix Suns! I'm sooooooo glad that my favorite SUN, Shawn Marion is still on the roster...that man is dangerous! And it's going to be an interesting year with the addition of Grant Hill…A player who is passionate about basketball and has endured many years of injuries in order to get to this point in his career. There's no telling what he will push himself to this year so I look forward to some great basketball from him this year.

And AMARE?? Did you hear about his return the other day? EXPLOSIVE!!! Tim Duncan better watch his back this year!

Now back to this "girls don't know nothin bout sports" mess...When I was dating my husband, we decided that for our third date, I would cook for him, at his house. It was a Sunday (a holiday during football season!) and it was the first time I had been to his house. He wanted steak for dinner and I brought along a small dish of shrimp scampi to go with.

He discovered that day that I was a sports fan and that my favorite team (Pittsburgh Steelers) was playing HIS favorite team (Oakland Raiders). We had fun with our teams old rivalry (it dates back YEARS!) Dinner was delish...he was able to watch the game while spending time with his future wife! Needless to say, it was an interesting third date! I don't remember who won the game that day, but I know for sure that I won his heart!

Guys? A woman who LOVES to watch sports? PRICELESS!

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