Jan 6, 2011

Tips On Choosing Your Wedding Colors

  • Use your favorite color paired with your honey's favorite color. If they seem to clash, choose complimenting hues.  Believe me...it CAN work!
  • Visit a fabric store.
  • The major hardware stores have LOTS of paint chips.
  • Choose a few favorite elements and pull your colors from them.  A favorite glass, piece of jewelry or even a bicycle. (I've seen it done!)
  • Choose a favorite picture; preferably non wedding related...and pull the colors from there

Consider your venue's color scheme before you make the final decision on colors.  Navy blue and gold carpet paired with pink and purple table linens might clash.  A good designer can jazz the decor up so that no one notices, however more than likely, it will be hard on the eyes.

How will you choose your colors?

Happy Planning!

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