May 6, 2009

Music RSVP

{Cool looking band, huh?}

Are you having trouble deciding which music selections to include on your play list for your band or DJ? Why not let your guests decide?

I've worked with many couples who struggle with what to play at their wedding receptions to ensure that everyone has a chance to dance and enjoy the party. Some don't choose a play list at all. If they don't hire a wedding planner to plan their wedding :) and end up with musical entertainment that doesn't know how to "read" a crowd or has outdated selections, the music ends up being a disaster because the younger crowd can't get into the oldies and the older crowd can't stand hip hop.

I often tell my couples to ask their guests to send in their favorite tunes before the wedding. They can include a line on their RSVP card or as a form on their wedding website. This way they can give the list to their entertainment vendor beforehand to make sure they have all the tunes for their wedding day.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with one of the most detail oriented DJ's this side of wedding heaven! His name is Scott Favor and his company is called The Party Favers. Scott gets to know his couples. He cares about you and your wedding reception. He asks LOTS of questions to make sure he does exactly what you want on your wedding day. After one meeting with Scott, I can tell that he's funny, professional and will bend over backwards to help you plan a fabulous reception.

We discovered we have a lot in common as wedding vendors because we know "where the wedding is"'s wherever the bride and groom are! I can't wait to work with him! Take a look at Scott's website and let me know what you think.

Happy Planning!

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