Apr 23, 2009

Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner?

A few weeks ago, I had a roundtable discussion with a few other planners about whether or not every bride needs a wedding planner. Once we got through the discussion about affordability, we decided to concentrate on needs. I've read many blog posts on this subject before but I feel its a subject worth revisiting.

There are valuable benefits in most, if not all situations to having a wedding planner. Couples today have demanding careers with complicated schedules and on top of that, many more choices in choosing the dynamics of their wedding day. Gone are the days of cake and punch in church social halls!

Hiring a good, reputable planner means hiring someone to handle all of the things you can't or don't have the expertise for. Plus, she'll make sure you get that well deserved face time with your groom on your wedding day...instead of you having to dealing with the waitstaff that is moving a bit too slow with dinner.

Here are some situations where hiring a planner is necessary:

Off Site Weddings - Incudes weddings at home, or at any site that needs to be transformed into an event space. Most couples and their families don't know the massive laundry list of things needed for an off site event. Rentals, tents, parking, catering needs, restroom needs...and more.

Complicated Family Situations - Do you or your groom have serious food allergies? A mother of the bride that refuses to walk down the aisle without granny's hankie that she left in the dressing room? How about a relative who insists on sitting at the guest table reserved for more immediate family members? Having a point person for family and friends to go to for information and referee duties is priceless! (Oh the stories I have!)

Destination Wedding - Simple...you don't know anything about the local venues or vendors, the laws of the destination city nor the specific logistics of moving around in that city. Ever heard the expression, "You don't know what you don't know"? Hiring a planner is a no brainer.

Large Weddings - Self explanatory...more people means more work.

Organization doesn't come easily to you - Good planners are organizational wizards. You hire professionals to do other things you aren't the best at...organizing and lists make you crazy? Hire a planner.

Happy Planning!

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Anonymous said...

Amen to all that...
Also, which the current economy, a Professional Wedding Planner / Consultant can help with budgeting your wedding. S/he has insight to and connections with vendors in a wide variety of areas and may be able to provide a better price for your bride as she is a recurring client.