Feb 5, 2009

Vendor View: Photographer Cyndi Hardy

Phoenix Wedding Photographer

Hey everyone...Meet Cyndi! She's a talented photographer of families, children, little bitty babies and yes...weddings!

Cyndi also loves to scuba dive! Its one of the things she's experienced in life that has lead her to be a photographer. Be sure to visit her blog for more awesomeness!

Here's her contact info and a little bit more about Cyndi and her style.

Contact Name: Cyndi Hardy
Business Name: Cyndi Hardy Photography
Location: Goodyear, AZ
Contact Phone: 623.640.4114
Email Address: cyndi@cyndihardy.com
Website: www.cyndihardy.com
Blog: www.cyndihardy.com/blog

~Give us an overview of your business and its products/services:
We are wedding photographers with an artistic/photojournalistic style. We are based in Phoenix, Arizona, but travel across the country for weddings.

~What makes your business unique when compared to others in this category:
Using an artistic approach to wedding photography, we strive to capture those unique, precious moments you will treasure forever.

~Where do you draw inspiration for your creations, products, or services:
Weddings are full of emotions, my inspiration comes from all of the surrounding emotions.

~What has been your most favorite moment as a business owner:
Photographing my best friend's (an amazing photographer, I might add) wedding, I was just as emotional as they were.

~What product or service has been your best selling item? Why do you think that is:
Gallery wrapped canvas. It puts the photographs in a different realm.

~How do you set yourself apart with regard to your customer service:
I always respond quickly to customers requests. If a customer contacts me about a date that has already been booked, I have a network of photographers that I can refer them to.

~If you could offer one piece of advice to brides, what would that be:
Make sure you mesh with your photographer, it will make your wedding day smoother and result in better images. I also suggest having an engagement session with your wedding photographer, so you have the opportunity to get to know each other more before your wedding day.

Be sure to visit Cyndi's website and blog for more eye candy!

Happy Planning!

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