Jan 1, 2009

My Personal Theme for 2009

My personal and professional theme for 2009 is "Discover Your Brilliance". It's on my wall in my office, on my desktop...everywhere I roam. I am reading a wonderful book by Simon T. Bailey called "Release Your Brilliance" and one of the first steps in doing so is Self Evaluation.

I've done this before...when I divorced from my first husband. I went through a transformation that I will never forget. It was a physically and emotionally wrenching period in my life...in Phoenix...alone, no family, and no friends. I worked constantly and cried daily. After I reconnected with my source, I was renewed, felt confident and was at my best.

Today, although I know where my source is, I've lost that wonderful feeling despite the fact that I am in a VERY happy marriage, very successful in my career and feeling at peace with God. My story is not new but it is one that is a re-source for me!

In 2009 I will draw on that story and use it as a roadmap for this new journey.

I'm taking stock, throwing out the old...dusting off the not so old and making improvements. And finally, I am finding some new and exciting things to enhance my life and my business.

I can't WAIT!



Pamela Parker/ Beginnings said...

Thank you for sharing that Wendy. I think we may be in the same place. Granted we've probably arrived at the place from different directions. Its my time!! Please yell if I can ever encourage you this year.

A. Latrice said...

Wendy, thanks for your transparency!

I am definitely going to read this book. I have been in a place of renewal over the past 6-8 months and it was not until 12/31/08 while talking to a mentor I realized "I had my power back"

"Oh What a feeling" {like the old Lionel Richie song Dancing on the Ceiling}

Thanks again for the transparency & I enjoy reading your updates!

Erika Gregory said...

What an inspirational post! Believe me we all go thru these periods. You have inspired me to Discover my Brilliance as well. Thanks!

Wendy said...

Pamela, Latrice and Erika...Thank you for your sweet comments! I pray that this year I can soar like never before and I pray the same for you!