Jan 19, 2009

Designing Your Wedding Style: Defining Your Style

What's Your Wedding Style and how do you define it?

Weddings surround my life everyday. Whether it's checking out the latest eye candy and some of my favorite photographers' websites...reading some of my favorite wedding planner blogs or producing a wedding myself...I see it all!

I have always encouraged my clients to stay true to themselves when planning the look and feel of their wedding. While they may see an element or style in a photo album or in a magazine that they feel they MUST replicate at their wedding or reception, it's important to always include elements that are personal to them. Ones that make them feel happy and at ease because ultimately...the party is a celebration of the two of them...not of a bride and groom they saw in some magazine.

I've collected a lot of books over the years. It's one of the common interests I share with my husband. I guess you could call us bookworms! You should see our library!

Lately, I've purchased many books to help inspire me for the weddings I produce. Most of them are geared towards weddings and other social events but I also love to browse books about nature, art and interior design. The HGTV network is also a favorite place of inspiration for me so you'll find me glued to the tube when I'm not working a wedding on the weekends.

Recently, I've been snuggled up on the couch, spending time with my books and I wanted to share one of my favorites with you. Lifestyle guru, Susie Coelho published a book called "Style Your Dream Wedding". There's a gang of amazing, full color pictures and tons of creative suggestions to help you create a wedding that is totally YOU!

But what I LOVE the most about this book is that it helps you (there's a quiz!) identify your style...classic, beach, contemporary, garden, countryside, fanciful or exotic.

If you want to know what your wedding style is, visit Susie's website...you can take the quiz there!

Happy Planning!

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