Jan 5, 2009

Designing Your Wedding Style: Budget

wedding budget tips
Before the dress...before the flowers...and before the big day, you have to figure out what it all will cost. Some of you may say, "Daddy says the sky is the limit", or he may say, "Sweetheart, you have $30,000 to spend and that's IT!" Wherever your wedding money comes from, it still isn't a BUDGET until you know how the dollars will be allocated.

Creating your budget is the single most important step in planning your wedding. It will dictate what vendors you choose, the venue you'll host your wedding in AND countless other elements that will make your day special. Having a clear plan and knowing where the money is coming from and going to, is the best way to move forward. An open and honest conversation with everyone about expectations is the key to an informed and fun planning process.

Our team uses a very simple excel spreadsheet to create an initial budget for our couples. It shows them the average breakdown by category and subcategory if applicable. It gives them a visual picture of what amounts they'll spend on key wedding elements. Most couples have no idea what or how much to spend on what so the budget exercise really opens their eyes to what to expect when they meet with other vendors.

Here's a copy of a wedding budget we did recently and the actual costs incurred by our clients.

{Please note that the percentages and amounts shown are basic industry standards and should be used ONLY as guidelines. Standard costs in your area may differ.}

This exercise is one of the very FIRST meeting topics we cover when working with our couples. We encourage them to share it with their parents and anyone else that is contributing financially. Having everyone on the same financial page is one of the keys to a wonderful wedding planning experience!

Happy Planning!

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