Oct 15, 2008

Savvy Tip of the Week: Flowers Do Double Duty

Your floral budget doesn't have to be higher than the national debt!

If your ceremony is in one location and the reception is in another, the floral arrangements that you've chosen as your centerpieces can do double duty by being used to also decorate the ceremony aisle.

Some florists will offer to transport and setup the flowers at your reception after the ceremony is over. If you've planned it right, there is usually enough time in between the end of your ceremony and the start of your reception. You can save money and time by using the arrangements in both places. Not to mention the continuity of the overall look and feel of your entire wedding day!

Here is a perfect example of flowers doing double duty. This wedding was featured on Brooklyn Bride back in May 2008.

Centerpieces Decorate the Ceremony Aisle

Happy Planning!

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Mrs. Designher said...

Wendy - That's a fabulous piece of advice!! Something so simple, yet I bet many people don't even think about it! :)