May 27, 2008

Katie and Torsten Get Married!

Hi there!

Just getting back into town from my assistant's wedding weekend in Salt Lake City! The weather was perfect (even though the wind was a bit uncooperative), the bagpiper leading the wedding party and guests through the streets to the reception and the 7 course meal was FABULOUS.

Katie was a super glamorous bride! Here is a video from her bridal shoot a few days before the wedding:

Katie's bridals from Davey Orgill on Vimeo.

I can't wait to post the professional pictures! As soon as the super talented Kate Benson publishes her awesome photos, I'll share them with you! Torsten was one of the most handsome grooms I've ever seen! Isn't he darling?

(Forgive my crappy digital...I left the picture taking to Kate and Davey!)

In the meantime, the videographer they hired, Davey from Pointe Digital Videography and Photography, created an incredible video that they showed at the reception. He condensed some of the footage down to a 4 minute video that he has posted on his blog:

Katie and Torsten's Wedding Day Video - Click Here

...Oh yeah, and here is their engagement video:

Katie & Torsten from Davey Orgill on Vimeo.

Congratulations Katie and Torsten! Enjoy your honeymoon!

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Justine Miller Photography said...

She is beautiful, and her bridal session looks awesome. I wish I Dave were here so I could show him to my clients.