May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Hot Pink Ranunculas
I found this picture on Michelle Rago's blog awhile ago, and it reminds me of all the flowers my mom used to get on Mother's Day from my dad. Always pink and always fluffy looking.

I've been thinking about my Mother lately (she went to live with Jesus in 1989), and how she taught us to honor the "mother's" in our lives. She taught us that we should honor her, but to also honor all mother's that touch our lives every day. Grandmothers, aunts, sisters, Mrs. Henderson down the block...especially since Mrs. Henderson would treat us just like her own children and tell us when we were good AND when we were doing wrong!

Whenever a mother sees a child, it's impossible not to lock in on the needs of that child. It's such a strong feeling!! Maternal instinct is part of our natural makeup and God has bless us with a wonderful gift. Mother's are natural multi-taskers!!! :)

So honor all the mother's in your life this weekend...because what they do for you comes easy to them...

It's natural!

Thanks Mommy!! I Love You!

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