Apr 24, 2008

I Met Mindy Last Night!

Ok...after three posts in as many days about this, some of you would say that I am star struck. I'm not usually a "star-struck" type of person. I see famous folk as "normal" folk...and that is usually what they prefer...SOME of them! :) But last night...

Mindy Weiss is one of those famous "normal" people that makes you feel as those you've known her forever. She's warm, funny, very knowledgeable about planning parties and well...just an all around awesome lady! I drove to Tempe last night to meet Mindy and it was if I was visiting my BFF! Before the presentation started she sat down among a few of us and said, "so how's it going? Do you have any questions before we get started?" Of course, I jumped right in!

I asked Mindy what was her favorite type of event to plan. She LOVES kids parties! I kind of figured that...the pictures on her website of the Bar and Bat Mitzvah's she's planned are fabulous! But of course she's really famous for her FABULOUS weddings. She's been featured in all the well known bridal magazines and has worked with tons of celebrities as they celebrate those sacred milestones of life.

I picked up a few copies of Mindy's new book, The Wedding Book. I couldn't help but stay up a little later than normal last night to start reading it. It has so many helpful hints that it truly is a guidebook on how to plan your wedding from A to Z. There are tips on what questions to ask all your vendors (including ones on how to pick the right wedding planner!), information on destination weddings, and there's even a section on how to determine what kind of bride you are! There's a test and everything!!

Mindy mentioned some of the up and coming trends for weddings:

1. Black and White is Back - Mindy says that she is seeing more brides choose these neutral tones and then bring in a color to make it POP!

2. The Bling is Gone! - Bridal gown styles are changing back to the simple, classic and sleek styles of years ago. Gone are the heavily beaded and embellished gowns we've seen lately.

3. Centerpieces Go Low - More brides are opting to go with low centerpieces on their guest tables now so that folks can see each other.

4. Personalization - Couples are really concentrating more on personalizing their wedding celebrations. Find something near and dear to you and your fiance and then incorporate it into your wedding. Mindy shared a story about a couple who met while riding bikes on Venice beach. Their motif or "dingbat", as she calls it, is used throughout their papery and other wedding details. Subtle or sensational, your guests will appreciate your attention to detail AND they'll leave your wedding with that "warm and fuzzy" feeling! For LOTS more information pick up a copy of Mindy's book.

Couples? Mindy's most important tip of the night was to remember that transforming two lives into one is not going to be easy. Remember that when things go wrong, you have each other and that's what is most important before, during and after the wedding is over. It's a magical time in your life and you should enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by Phoenix, Mindy. It was such a treat to meet with you and we hope to see you again soon!

And thanks to The Changing Hands Book Store for hosting us for the evening. You guys throw a great party!

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aww so happy for you :) Glad you had a good time!