Apr 28, 2008

Engaged to Love!

Some of you may know my assistant Katie...the rest of you? Just wait til you meet her! She is such a help to me and to all our brides! Her sense of style and "can-do" attitude is what made me hire her more than two years ago when I discovered that some weddings couldn't be done alone!

Well...now its Katie's turn to get married and I couldn't be more delighted! Her fiance Torsten is such a great guy! The two of them are so in love and have a relationship that is rooted in that love!

(No...I'm not planning the wedding for her...she thinks I work too much as it is. She wants me to be a guest for once!)

Katie and Torsten will be married in Torsten's home town of Salt Lake City, Utah in May and they've hired a fabulous and totally dynamite photographer by the name of Kate Benson. I can feel this woman's energy popping off the pages of her website and her blog!

Kate's "About" page on her website gives her readers a great view into her high energy personality. She is a risk taker and we all know risk takers are usually a ton of fun to be around! Emily Sutherloan, a friend and collegue of Kate's summed it up this way, "Kate loves to be shocked, surprised and amazed, and finds a way to convey this fresh perspective in her art, often seeing a photograph where others may not. Kate has been known to go to extreme lengths to get "the shot", even wading into thick, muddy, mosquito infested to snap a photo..."

Here are a few of Katie and Torsten's engagement shots. Aren't they awesome?

For more of Kate Benson's awesomeness and more of Katie and Torsten, visit her blog.

Congratulations, Katie and Torsten!

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