Mar 18, 2008

What Keeps You Awake At Night?

Wedding planning is a tough job. Especially if you don't do it full time like we do. :)

It can be exciting and fun but at the same time it can send you in several different directions at once! There are SO many choices out there for all of the details that are important to you.

Indoors or Outdoors
Food Choices
Drink Choices

It's hard to choose!

We know what keeps us up at night...but what keeps YOU...the bride...up at night and how have you overcome some of the challenges of wedding planning?

Your sister brides all over the world want to know! :)

1 comment:

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

oh god let's not even talk about it. i've already had two nights of nightmares about my event in DECEMBER! i keep dreaming that i forgot to do place cards or menus or some other form of paper good. let's just hope it doesn't come true!