Jan 1, 2008

Get Started and Get Organized!

We have recently been contacted by many brides who tell us they just don't know where to start when it comes to their wedding planning.

We know the choices you face may be a bit overwhelming. The details can have you stressed out and you may wonder, "where do I start?" Many brides turn to wedding planners like us to help them get their planning done. And then there are other brides that feel a planner is out of their budget requirements. With the recession worries facing our country today (or the threat of one), still others may not feel that they can justify spending money on a planner.

We want to offer you a solution! We have a low cost way to get the help you need!

We've created 2 mini packages of services, designed to get you headed in the right direction. We sit down with you, listen to what it is you would like for your wedding day and then give you the tools you need to pull it all together!

They are called our "Get Started" and "Get Organized" packages.


For the couple who wants to plan their own wedding, or for those that can only use our services on a limited basis, this two-hour meeting is perfect. The first 30 minutes is done by phone in order to gather information for the next 1 ½ hour appointment. This service gives you the assurance that you are not wasting time narrowing down your vendor choices from the many that are in the valley.

Bring your ideas, your notes and any questions you have with you. By the time we are done, you will have several tangibles to start your wedding planning. They include:

-A list of wedding vendors that best fit your vision, budget and wedding date
-A to do list to use during the course of your planning
-Helpful tips and negotiating skills to use to get the most for your money
-A handsome portfolio to keep track of it all.

Compensation for Services: $350


This service is for the couple planning their own wedding or who isn't quite sure they'll need a professional planner. It's popular because with it, we help you gather the information and ideas you already have, into an organized planning strategy that is personalized and specific to your vision.

This consultation is broken into 2 sessions and includes the following tangibles:

-Detailed budget list for all facets of your wedding expenses
-A list of wedding vendors in the Phoenix metro area that best fit your vision along with questionnaires for each of type of vendor
-An idea board, created from pictures and brainstorming session with your consultant. It will help you develop and create the wedding vision you’ve dreamed about. It's a great reference tool while shopping for the details of your wedding!
-A basic itinerary for the day before and the day of your wedding
-Attractive portfolio to keep all your details organized

Our discussion topics will include:

-First we’ll talk about guaranteed and proven shortcuts on how to have the wedding you want without breaking your budget.
-What to look for from your wedding vendors and what things to have included in your contracts with each of them.
-Establishing timelines and itineraries for you, your wedding party and wedding vendors.
-We’ll brainstorm about ceremony and reception venues, colors, flowers, bridal attire, wedding favors, and transportation needs…all to create YOUR wedding vision.
-We’ll talk about what the 48 hours before your wedding should look like and how to delegate all of the tasks that need to be accomplished.

This service is the beginning stage of our "Wedding Day" service and our "Complete Coordination" services consultations. If you later decide to use Sacred Moment Weddings for either of these expanded services, we will apply the fee to the cost of whichever service you choose.

Compensation for Services: $500

If you would like to find out if either of these services are for you, send us an email or request via our contact form. Or you can call us at 602-692-6289