Jan 6, 2008

Have You Purchased Your Wedding Emergency Kit Yet?

Things happen...they REALLY do! Things that make you got NUTS on your wedding day. (Unless of course, you've hired "ME" as your wedding planner!) If you don't have hem tape, Tylenol for that headache, or some bobby pins to "re-do" your do, what WILL you do?

With that in mind, I introduce you to Lisa Gehrke, President of With You In Mind. Lisa and I chatted a bit a few months ago and she is a doll! She was very easy to work with and I will definitely do business with her again.

With You In Mind is a company that has put together a set of wedding day essentials for women AND for men. "In the Bag" is a "Premier Wedding Emergency/Bridal Survival Kit" that I adore! I've used it during several of my client's weddings. It comes with a TON of product that outshines any other kit I've seen on the market today!

The biggest advantage? I don't have to shop in several different places for all the ingredients...I just order it online when my supply gets low. This way, I have more time to concentrate on all the other coordinating tasks on my list.

Like making sure you get down the aisle looking as FABULOUS as you are!

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bridal buzz said...

I love these! This is such a small price to pay in order to have that "insurance" on your wedding day. I put together a mini kit for each of the girls in my wedding, and it was much appreciated!