Nov 19, 2007

Time to Shop!

Can you believe it!? The holidays are here AGAIN! Soon (for those of us that haven't started yet), it will be time to hit the pavement and find the perfect gifts for the loved ones in our lives. I'm tempted to tag along with my cousin to hit the stores at 4am on Black Friday. (The day after Thanksgiving when most retailers go from being in the red financially to being in the black...hence Black Friday)

I don't know! She says we'll be done by 10am and can go have breakfast at Coco's or something but...getting up at 3:30am to start shopping by 4am is not my idea of a day off! But I hear the deals are amazing, so I just might step out on faith and do it!


I heard about a new website that will also get a lot of traffic this year...

It's a website that will ask you a series of questions about your intended gift recipient and come up with a vast list of items that you can purchase.

I was impressed! Give it a try!

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