Nov 27, 2007

Ask the Expert: What to Buy For the Guys?

"Should my fiance buy gifts for his groomsmen?"


The male characters of this major production called "The Wedding" need love too. Besides...when those 20lb. bags of ice need to be lugged from the car to the kitchen, they'll be the first ones you'll call, right? We girls sometime forget that today's man is very "metro" and often times VERY stylish. So when it comes to choosing gifts for the guys, make sure you check out one of my FAVORITE spots...Z Gallerie. I LOVE their barware collection. And what guy do you know that wouldn't love a new addition to his bar?

Below are pictures of a few sure to check out the manhole cover coasters! American cities, like New York, L.A., Chicago and Beverly Hills...each coaster boasts an authentic and special pattern specific to the city.

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