Nov 13, 2007

Ask the Expert: Do You Know Any Nice Alternatives to the Traditional Vows?

I found these a few weeks ago on the planning website's blog. I LOVE them!

Perhaps they'll inspire you...

"Do you, Emily, take John to be your husband from this day forward? Do you promise to remain faithful to him and share your feelings honestly, to live with him and laugh with him, to comfort him when he is in pain and delight in his successes? Do you promise to challenge him and bring out the best in him, to never take him for granted, forgive him if he disappoints you, and look for ways to grow together? And do you promise to nurture your love until the end of your days?"

"Emily, do you now choose John to be your life companion, to share your life openly with him, to speak truthfully and lovingly to him, to accept him fully as he is and delight in who he is becoming, to respect his uniqueness, encourage his fulfillment, and compassionately support him through all the changes of your years together?"

"I, Emily, take you, John, just as you are to be my husband. I will share with you the many adventures of this life. I gift you with my love, my respect, and pledge to you my care and commitment in times of joy and sorrow, for today and throughout our tomorrows. So will it be."

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