Oct 25, 2007

About Wendy

"As an African American child, good food was the soul of our family's existence. To that, add great music and a relaxed atmosphere, and we had the framework for an awesome and memorable celebration."

"In my planning business, delightful food choices, music that moves you and an inviting atmosphere, are all part of the foundation we use for planning your wedding day. A day that deserves to be devoted to you, your family and a time of joy and happiness."

Wendy Robinson loves to entertain and is well known for her impromptu parties. She plans them for no other reason than to celebrate family and life. And by the way...she's an excellent cook!

Details come naturally to her. She has spent many years in the corporate world as an accounting and finance professional. Those years also fine tuned her knack for organization...a necessary skill in coordinating all of the logistics of a wedding or event.

How does she do it? She cares! Her approach is to get to know you. She wants to hear all about you, your family traditions and your personal style. She wants to help you create a wedding day that is uniquely yours!

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